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Polyana Viana vs Hannah Cifers

Polyana Viana VS Hannah Cifers

Jiu Jitsu ace Polyana Viana meets Hannah Cifers in a interesting clash of styles that should make for a good fight. Viana comes from losing a decision to JJ Aldrich in her last fight, while Cifers was straight obliterated by Maycee Barber, but honestly I do not put much stock into that as Barber is one of the best prospects in all of MMA and an amazing talent. Polyana is a Jiu Jitsu player. Simple as that. She won 21 state championships in her home state in Brazil and went on to become world champion. Her ground game is very good and if she is able to drag Cifers to the mat, specially early, there is a very good possibility she will submit her. Her striking is horrible though. She employs a strange guard on the feet with her right hand next to her waist that reminds of a traditional karate style, but his hands are slow and predictable. She has decent kicking but does not seem powerful there either. Her defensive holes are blatant and her head movement non existant. She was getting hit clean repeatedly by JJ Aldrich with the same left hand time and time again, and to make things worse she looked to be fading badly late in the fight.
Enter Hannah Cifers. There is nothing flashy about this young lady´s style, yet she is brutally effective. Short, muscular and stocky, Cifers is built like a brick. Her style of fighting is simple. Advance like a little tank and engage. His ground game is non existant almost, just the defensive basics, but she is strong as an ox and taking her down is no easy task. Her striking is quite rudimentary, but effective. She can kick both downstairs and to the body with both legs, and has very heavy hands for a girl her size, boasting five knockouts in eight wins. She likes to work the body and this could be a key to this fight as Viana´s gas tank is questionable. Cifers goes in, throws combinations of heavy hands in the pocket, usually punctuated by a switch hitting right hook upstairs, resets and repeats, all while pushing a torrid pace. Oddsmakers opened Cifers the big dog at (+250), with Viana opening at a prohibitive (-350). This is a ridiculous line and a poke on Cifers would have been justified even if only based on value. If Poliana cannot take down Cifers here, preferably early, she is probably losing this fight and getting lit up in the way. The guess is she won´t be able to do it, as Cifers is very strong in the clinch where Viana looks for all his takedowns with trips, arm throws and headlocks. The pick here is Hannah Cifers to cause the biggest upset of the card, stopping Polyana Viana late in the fight after putting a ton of pressure and body punching on her.