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Weili Zhang vs Tecia Torres

Weili Zhang VS Tecia Torres

In his third UFC fight, the best chinese fighter in the UFC meets perennial contender Tecia “Tiniy Tornado” Torres for a ranked position in the women´s straweight division. Zhang is an impressive young fighter with an impressive record. Unbeaten since dropping a decision in his proffesional debut, he then has finished 16 out of 18 opponents, the only ones going the distance being the always durable Aline Sattelmayer and Danielle Taylor in her UFC debut. She is an striking dinamo, competent at all distances on the feet and with very dangerous kicks. She works the low kicks well and is always trying to move forward and engage or force a clinch from where she can make good use of her slicing elbows or find one of her preferred trips to take down the opponent. On the ground she is a constant threat with vicious ground and pound, specially the aforementioned elbows, and is always looking for submissions too. This girl is a finisher and she is not the least afraid to engage in a war. It is also eye cacthing she has tremendous size and strenght for a 115 pounder. Weili Zhang is here to stay and make a run at the belt.
Enter Tecia Torres. Originally coming from Invicta, where she earned her nickname for her way of fighting with total abandon and disregard for what could be coming back at her, she has had her up and downs in the UFC. Coming from two losses to two of the top dogs of the division in Joanna Jedrzejczcyk and Jessica Andrade, she is badly in need of a win here, but it will be no easy task. Her striking is nothing special, but Torres is built like a man, literally. Short, stocky and muscular, with huge legs that allow her to explode using burst of agression on the feet that if not very technical, are somewhat effective. Her grappling is decent too and along with her built allows her to take most people down eventually, except for the stronger girls or the ones with elite takedown defense. Jedrzejczcyk shut down her offensive grappling rather easily. Her Jiu Jitsu is not bad, she can threaten with it but reality is she has only one submission in her record and zero knockouts. And this will be Tecia´s biggest problem in this fight. She does not have stopping power and she needs to earn Zhang´s respect here. If not, she risk getting just overwhelmed. Danielle Taylor was able to prevent it because she has a monster right hand that kept Weili honest enough to survive. How does Torres wins this fight? Either she outpoints Zhang on the feet, highly unlikely given the fact that Zhang will disregard what is coming back at her and embrace the exchanges, or she tries to outwrestle her, which is a tall order and even in case of being able to drag the Chinese fighter down to the mat she will be in constant risk of getting caught in one of Zhang´s submissions. I see Zhang dominating this fight, making Tecia uncomfortable, outlanding her and probably even hurting her at some point, and it would be no surprise if she was able to trip Tecia down too. The pick here is Zhang to win and earn herself a tittle eliminator, and there is a decent chance she becomes the first woman to stop Tecia Torres, probably via submission.