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Ben Rothwell vs Blagoy Ivanov

Ben Rothwell VS Blagoy Ivanov

After a two year USADA suspension, Ben Rothwell faces Blagoy Ivanov in a heavyweight matchup. Rothwell is not an athletic fighter, but he has power and is tall with very good reach. He has faced the who´s who of the division before his suspension with mixed results, but he was able to finish greats like Alistair Overeem an Josh Barnett. His power makes him an always present threat as well as his trademark gogo choke, a front guillotine he employs masterfully. If Rothwell somehow manages to get top position Ivanov could be in trouble here.
The Russian Ivanov is a decent fighter, just not great anywhere. Very durable, he took big shots over five rounds from Junior Dos Santos in his last outing. He likes to pressure opponents to the fence and then try to counter their attemps at punching their way out of it. Even though he is a former sambo world champion his takedowns are nothing special, usually looking for the clinch trying to work from there. He has only beaten bad or shot fighters to be honest.
Oddsmakers have Ivanov a very slight favourite, probably due to Rothwell´s suspensión because he would have been a 2 to 1 favourite two years ago. The pick is Rothwell to win this fight, and a submission bet on him offers good value too given the fact that the way Ivanov enters the clinch when grappling is an invitation to Ben to use his trademark guillotine which he sets up in seconds. Rothwell claims the win here and moves on to a higher ranked opponent in the division. Expect one of his usual strange post fight interviews too.