In what promises to be a potential fight of the night candidate, two very interesting middleweights meet for a chance to crack the top 15. Breese dispatched Dan Kelly inside one round in his last fight, while Heinisch beat the always dangerous and tricky “Mutante” Ferreira.

Breese is the most technical fighter here no doubt. His striking is sharp and clean and he has very good boxing. He employs a beautiful jab and his straight right hand to keep opponents at bay and eventually hurt them. He is also an underrated grappler with a very dangerous guard that can finish fights on the ground with no problem whatsoever. If Heinisch takes him down he would have to be careful with triangles and armbars.

Heinisch, who has an incredible background story that includes serving jail time in Spain for drug trafficking, has turned his life around to become a very good fighter. As though as they come, he is competent everywhere and has no fear of mixing it up with anybody, wether it is on the feet or on the ground. He pulled guard in his fight with Ferreira, a high level black belt, in one of the most gutsy/stupid moves I have seen recently. Heinisch jut does not give a fuck. If you fight him, you will know you have been in a fight after. With a very good chin to go with his abilities, Heinisch marches forward and simply outscores and outfights opposition until he gets the decision or the opponent simply cannot cope with the rythm and pressure.

How does this play out? Breese opened the clear favourite but since them line has moved to almost even. If Breese can keep Heinisch on the outside he will be able to pick him apart with his boxing. That is a tall order and I think he would need to hurt Heinisch to do so. I think Heinisch is simply going to outfight Breese here, walk through the fire and pressure him while mixing some takedowns in. If he can stay safe from Breese´s submission attemps, I expect Heinisch to win a good and closely contested fight. The pick is Heinisch to win. A late stoppage would be no surprise here.