In the battle of Wales, two brawlers meet at welterweight. Phillips has lost all his UFC appearances by stoppage and has only seen the final bell once in his career. He marches forward and throws hard. He is poweful and gutsy, and that is about all you can say about him. He is the owner of one of the worst ground games in the whole roster and once the fight hits the matt he is helpless.

Marshman, who has missed weight for this contest, is also a fighter that likes to mix it up. He is technically superior everywhere to Phillips, and even though he is not one to go for takedowns and prefers to dish it out on the feet, that is an easy path to victory here for him. Standing up with Phillips would be an idiotic move and would give Phillips a chance in this fight. There is not much more to say about these two gentlemen. Marshman showed in his early days he has the ability to take the fight to the floor and submit low level grapplers there and I expect him to do the same here. It would be the most intelligent option and he seems to acknowledge it by the way he has been talking to the press this week.

The pick here is Marshman to submit Phillips, and fight not to go to decision is a good parlay leg to add value to some other bets.