In a battle between British fighters at featherweight, high level wrestler Mike Grundy meets the well rounded Nad Narimani. Although Grundy opened the big underdog here, he was quickly bet down to almost a pick´em and maybe the value has been lost on him a little bit. I favour Grundy in this fight. He is the better wrestler and will put down Narimani down for sure. The question is, will he be able to keep him down? Grundy is no Jiu Jitsu wizard, his wrestling is classic and his submissions are mostly based on chasing the neck. He was a Commonwealthg games wrestling medalist. His striking is basic and just used to shorten the distance. If Narimani, a good wrestler himself, can keep getting up and making him work Grundy may end up fading down the strech and getting picked apart here. I think Grundy is gonna be able to take him down and control him most of the time though, and I think he will at least get the two rounds he needs to win the fight. As I said, Narimani is the better all around fighter but the fight is gonna be fought the way Grundy wants it, there is no other way around it unless Narimani hurts him very early or can stop the takedowns consistently which is a very odd possibility. The pick here is Grundy to cause the small upset and win a decision over the game Narimani, although a submission on a scramble where Narimani gives up his neck would be no surpirse.