Gutierrez, who got submitted against monster Raoni Barcelos last time out after having some succes in the first round, meets unbeaten newcomer McDonald in what should be a good scrap.

Gutierrez has a good chin and is a decent striker. His best weapon might well be his leg kicks, which he uses to chop lead legs with precision. He also has some serviceable sweeps on the ground if taken down and is decently well rounded in general.

Ryan McDonald, despite boasting a 10-0 record is still very green and a work in progress. His striking has a lot of holes specially defensively. He has a serviceable top game when he gets his opponents down but he mostly prefers to fight on the feet. He almost got stopped last year by a journeyman after being badly hurt.

I expect Gutierrez to lit McDonald up here like a Christmas tree. His tall man defence is horrendous and he stands too straight up, both his chin and body usually exposed. To make it worse, Gutierrez is gonna chop his lead leg down all night long. A TKO due to leg kicks would not be a big surprise here. The pick here is Gutierrez to win by knockout.