Nicknamed “The Future”, there are very high expectations on this twenty year old Maycee Barber. She faces a tricky opponent in JJ Aldrich this weekend, but it is a test she should pass with flying colours.

Barber last was seen obliterating Hannah Cifers, while Aldrich caused the upset against Polyana Viana. Aldrich is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt, but she is primarily a striker that likes to keep fights on the feet and try to outpoint her opposition. She is not a powerful striker though, and not very athletic. Her succes against Viana came essentially because of Viana´s inability to take her down.

Enter Barber. Honestly I am amazed at the skills this twenty year old woman has already displayed. She fights with an aggressiveness you very seldom see in women´s MMA. She forces a high pace, and her only intention is to eat you alive. She will grind you, ground you and then obliterate you, in that order. She is extremelly strong for a woman her size and a tank in the clinch. She is also powerful and although her long range striking is still a promising work in progress he is nasty with elbows on breaks and from top. She probably has the best ground and pound in all of women´s MMA.

I expect Barber to pressure Aldrich straight away and ground her as soon as possible, probably with trips from the clinch. Then she will brutalise Aldrich on the ground. The only way I see Aldrich winning here is if Barber makes an error and gets caught in an armbar from bottom. Sounds easy right? I expect Barber to make it looks easy too. The pick here is Barber to win inside the distance.